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The first 500 puzzles will be sold for 0.001 ETH each, and the following 500 puzzles will be sold for 0.01 ETH each.
The revenue from the sales will be used to cover the development and NFT minting costs.
After the service is launched, users will be able to issue NFTs.
Puzzlelink is a community-focused puzzle website.
We aim to be a puzzle site with a core focus on NFTs where revenue can be shared with puzzle creators.

We aim to be the best puzzle site in the world, where puzzle creators can get together and share the revenues.

Puzzlelink introduces the world's first Puzzle NFT.
The puzzle data is all on-chain, and thumbnails can be generated from the puzzle data which makes it a full on-chain NFT.

Our aspiration is to not only create NFTs, but to create a community of puzzle creators.

NFTs themselves are just tools, the important thing is what you do with it and what you can achieve by using it.
Up until now, puzzle creators have not been properly appreciated. We wish to create a world where creators can be in control.

We are creators ourselves, making games.
That's why we would like to see a world where creators come together and have incentives.
We are creators ourselves, making games. That is why we want to create a world with incentives for puzzle creators to come together and create amazing puzzles.

So far NFTs have brought incentives for artists in the form of resale royalties. We believe that puzzle creators should be appreciated just as much as art creators.

We hope to create a community where puzzle fans, puzzle creators and various people can come together to enjoy puzzles!
We want to establish a community that connects puzzle creators and players, creating a future where royalties are fairly distributed to puzzle creators.
Furthermore, we would like to create a DAO for puzzle creators.
By offering a high rate of return to puzzle authors, we will create a site that is highly appealing to puzzle creators and as a result become the most popular site for puzzle creators.
We aim to create a community of puzzle authors from all around the world.
  • 2021
    Open up sales for NFTs.
  • 2021
    Enable the ability to play Sudoku games using high-performing blockchain technology.
    Website release with the ability to play Sudoku & Start distributing royalties.
    Users will be able to start submitting their own puzzles.
  • 2022
    Release of non-Sudoku puzzles. Multiple different types of puzzle games will be playable.
  • 2022
    Aim to create DAO.

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